Winter Is On Its Way. Two Important Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Great Through Winter.

1) Moisturize more frequently. Colder weather removes essential moisture from your skin. Apply moisturizers more frequently and look for products that contain hyaluronic acid which helps to attract and lock-in moisture. 2) Exfoliate. Unwanted, dead skin cells sit on the surface and can block the absorption of moisturizing ingredients, so exfoliate more frequently with an exfoliator that is GENTLE and non-irritating. Avoid harsher exfoliants that contain walnut shells or astringent acids.

Our team of chemists have spent the past 20 years creating products for some of the world’s most well-known luxe skin care brands, so we know luxe skin care really well. What are the hallmarks of a $100+ skin care product you may ask? Amazing texture, unique blend of proprietary ingredients, light-as-air formula, and packaging that makes you feel like royalty. But are $100+ luxe products really worth the price? Only if there have been clinical studies conducted on the main active ingredients and these ingredients are used at their recommended concentration levels. There are a lot of products in...

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Include a Vitamin C Serum In Your Everyday Regimen

Your everyday regimen should include a Vitamin C Serum. But don’t be fooled! Not all forms of vitamin c are created equal: “sodium ascorbyl phosphate” and “ascorbic acid” are harsh and subject to rapid oxidation and uv degradation. Instead, consider using Vitamin C Ester, widely regarded as the top form of vitamin c. It actually works! #TruthInSkinCare #AlinaSkinCare